Crew Members

Member Name Current Position Certification Level Years Of Service Type
Tinker, Kirk  Board of Directors EMT-I 33 Volunteer
Maes, Lucille Chief LP 28 Paid
Chennault, James  Equip. Lieutenant EMT-I 21 Paid
Choules, Tommy   Volunteer EMT-B 21 Volunteer
Perez, Jason Board of Directors LP 21 Volunteer
Leatherwood, Frances Part-Time  EMT-B 20 Paid
Rhyne, Staci   A-Shift Lieutenant EMT-P 20 Paid
Cruse, David   Part-Time  EMT-I 17 Paid
Meadows, Barbara  Office Manager - 17 Paid
Goodin, Harrold  C-Shift Lieutenant EMT-I 17 Paid
Ayers, Lloyd Deputy Chief EMT-P 12 Paid
Haraway, Kim Board of Directors LP 10 Volunteer
Praslicka, Jamie Deputy Chief EMT-P 9 Paid
Terry, Matthew Volunteer  EMT-B 8 Volunteer
Lake, Chris Volunteer EMT-B 7 Volunteer
McDonald, Cyndy Full-Time EMT-P 7 Paid
Aviles,Diana A-Shift EMT-P 4 Paid
Leyva, Carlos  Volunteer   EMT-I 4 Volunteer
Matejowsky, Haley Part-Time LP 4 Paid
Perez, Nicki Full-Time EMT-P 4 Paid
Powers, Jacob A-Shift EMT-I 2 Paid
Tremble, Jeremiah Part-Time EMT-P 2 Paid
Dandridge, Andrea B-Shift Lieutenant EMT-P 1 Paid
Hung, Jerry B-Shift FTO Sgt LP 1 Paid
Morales, Juan Part-Time EMT-P 1 Paid
Osby, David Part-Time AEMT 1 Paid
Oxford, Gabriela C-Shift LP 1 Paid
Powers, April Board of Directors EMT-P 1 Volunteer
Schnitzer, Zachary Full-Time EMT-P 1 Paid
New Members
Member Position Certification Level Years Of Service Member Type
Beadel, James C-Shift EMT-P - Paid
Boykin, Steven Part-Time EMT-B - Paid
Dandridge, Brian Part-Time EMT-P - Paid
Douthit, Jeffery Volunteer EMT-B - Volunteer
McClung, Cody Part-Time EMT-B - Paid
McLemore, Malcolm Volunteer EMT-B - Volunteer
Ocanas, Ovidio Part-Time LP - Paid
Thompson, Kyle Full Time EMT-B - Paid
Miller, Jaimy Volunteer LP - Volunteer
Scott, Trevlynn Volunteer EMT-B - Volunteer
Probationary Members
Member Position Certification Level Years Of Service Member Type
McCallum, Lanice Volunteer LP - Volunteer
Morris, Josh Volunteer EMT-B - Volunteer
Honorary Members
Member Years of Service Certification Level Years Of Service Member Type
Goff, Marian 1980 - 2008 EMT-P 28 Volunteer
Dyer, Bill 1982 - 1992 EMT-I 10 Volunteer
Robles, Frank 1984 - 1990 EMT-B 6 Volunteer
Brownfield, Carol 1988 - 2018 LP 28 Volunteer
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