Crew Members

Member Name Current Position Certification Level Years Of Service Type
Tinker, Kirk  Board of Directors AEMT 34 Volunteer
Maes, Lucille Chief LP 29 Paid
Chennault, James  Equip. Lieutenant AEMT 22 Paid
Choules, Tommy   Volunteer EMT-B 22 Volunteer
Perez, Jason Board of Directors LP 22 Volunteer
Leatherwood, Frances Part-Time  EMT-B 21 Paid
Rhyne, Staci  Lieutenant EMT-P 21 Paid
Cruse, David   Part-Time  AEMT 18 Paid
Meadows, Barbara  Office Manager - 18 Paid
Goodin, Harrold  Lieutenant AEMT 18 Paid
Ayers, Lloyd Lieutenant EMT-P 13 Paid
Haraway, Kim Board of Directors LP 11 Volunteer
Praslicka, Jamie Deputy Chief LP 10 Paid
Terry, Matthew Volunteer  EMT-B 9 Volunteer
Lake, Chris Volunteer EMT-B 8 Volunteer
McDonald, Cyndy Lieutenant EMT-P 8 Paid
Aviles,Diana Full-Time LP 5 Paid
Leyva, Carlos  Volunteer   AEMT 5 Volunteer
Matejowsky, Haley Volunteer LP 5 Volunteer
Perez, Nicki Full-Time EMT-P 5 Paid
Powers, Jacob Full-Time AEMT 3 Paid
Tremble, Jeremiah Full-Time EMT-P 3 Paid
Beadel, James Part-Time EMT-P 2 Paid
Hung, Jerry Full-Time LP 2 Paid
Morales, Juan Part-Time EMT-P 2 Paid
Oxford, Gabriela Full-Time LP 2 Paid
Powers, April Volunteer EMT-P 2 Volunteer
Schnitzer, Zachary FTO EMT-P 2 Paid
Boykin, Steven Volunteer EMT-B 1 Volunteer
McClung, Cody Full-Time EMT-B 1 Paid
McLemore, Malcolm Part-Time EMT-B 1 Paid
Ocanas, Ovidio Part-Time LP 1 Paid
New Members
Member Position Certification Level Years Of Service Member Type
Thompson, Kyle Full Time EMT-P - Paid
Miller, Jaimy Volunteer LP - Volunteer
Scott, Trevlynn Volunteer EMT-B - Volunteer
Myers, Scott Volunteer EMT-B - Volunteer
Hughes, Eric Part-Time AEMT - Paid
Cruse, Trevor Part-Time EMT-B - Paid
McCallum, Lanice Volunteer LP - Volunteer
Probationary Members
Member Position Certification Level Years Of Service Member Type
Honorary Members
Member Years of Service Certification Level Years Of Service Member Type
Goff, Marian 1980 - 2008 EMT-P 28 Volunteer
Dyer, Bill 1982 - 1992 EMT-I 10 Volunteer
Robles, Frank 1984 - 1990 EMT-B 6 Volunteer
Brownfield, Carol 1988 - 2018 LP 28 Volunteer
…an elite group of highly trained individuals dedicated to the preservation of life…