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ANGLETON, TX, March 15, 2016– Members of the Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps along with medical equipment and supplies were activated this morning by Texas Emergency Medical Task Force-6 in response to devastating flooding in east Texas.  Paramedics from Angleton were requested to provided Mobile Intensive Care Unit capabilities as necessary to assist in the coordinated effort to mitigate this disaster.

“Any disaster has the potential to overwhelm a community well beyond the capacity of local emergency services.  We are fortunate in Angleton and Brazoria County to have experienced teams and state of the art equipment to offer our fellow Texans in need.” said Chief Lucille Maes.

Emergency Medical Task Force (EMTF-6) is one of eight (8) task forces coordinating response of medical assistance to emergency operation systems during large scale incidents.  Each EMTF typically engages 5 or more Ambulance Strike Teams. Each Strike team, consisting of 5 ambulances each are lead by a strike team leader with specialized training.  Missions are coordinated regionally or statewide.  Angleton’s team is expected to serve for several days. AAEMC has committed to deploying additional resources if necessary.

“AAEMC is steeped in service to our community.  I feel confident our team is prepared to serve.  I am proud of each of them but also I’m thankful to their families, each of whom willingly sacrifice the absence of their family member during extended operations to help whenever and wherever we can make a difference.” said Compliance Manager Jason Albert.

The Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps provides emergency medical services in up to five (4) plus one (1) reserve Mobile Intensive Care Unit capable state of the art ambulances through a combination of highly trained and dedicated career and volunteer professionals dedicated to the preservation of life based in Angleton, Texas.  Entering it’s 36th year in service to the community, it’s volunteers donated over 5,000 of the 50,000 hours of service in 2015.  AAEMC is projected to answer more than 5,200 emergency calls in 2016 to a resident population of nearly 40,000 over 225 square miles of central Brazoria County, Texas.

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